What is It?


Gluten Intolerance is a condition that is becoming more commonplace in our society.
It can stem from a number of physical maladies, and is also being adopted for those seeking a healthy diet.

We at GlutenFreePDX strive to help you find the best choices for this diet. Our listings of restaurants, bars, coffeeshops and other food establishments are places where we have found at least one Gluten Free food item, and usually can be accommodated very well.  Occasionally menus change, and we miss the changes.  Please let us know if you find some of our resources need updating.

The basics: no wheat, barley or rye. Yet as simple as that sounds, it means major shifts in diet, as wheat, malt (barley) and other gluten ingredients are common in a lot of our foods.

While the FDA and USDA have not yet set standards for labeling in the Gluten Free arena, there are many manufacturers and consumer groups that do monitor and verify that products labeled ‘Gluten Free’ truly are. This label is backed by the Quality Assurance International (QAI), and the healthcare nonprofit National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). It verifies that products with the label hold no more than 10 PPM (Parts Per Million) of gluten.

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We are working to update all of our listings to verify how strict the establishments are with their preparation. We will be rolling out labels of Wheat-Free for places that have loose cross-contamination standards. Gluten-Free Friendly listings mean that the restaurants offer true gluten-free offerings, but they may come into some contact with non GF food. The Gluten-Free listing means that the establishment has strict guidelines, and there should be no cross contamination.